Bellen Services Area

To meet the increasing demands of customers, Bellen provides a range of high quality services with different benefits, including Catalog (and Request Catalog), Custom Synthesis, FTE, Process Development and Manufacturing. These services are seamlessly integrated with each other to form a powerful supply chain, which can deliver a diverse range of products from grams to tons and meeting the precise requirements of drug development at different phases.



·       Bellen already has a long and distinguished history in the catalog business and understands its customer needs well. We are continually modifying our catalog list by adding new molecules on a monthly basis and regularly remove obsolete molecules, making it an up to date and valuable resource of starting materials for our industrial partners.

·     As a catalog supplier, we only sell our own self-produced products and do not engage in trading activities, this allows us to control the quality and lead-time of our materials very effectively. To date we have more than 10,000 compounds (all produced in-house) and 80% of our list has a robust scale-up route already in place. Our product line is constantly enriched and updated by developing novel molecules to best fit drug development needs.

·       The quality of our catalog compounds is ensured by our certified QC system and state of the art QC lab. All our CoA’s are supported by (NMR, LC/MS, HPLC, qNMR) and prepared immediately before shipping our compounds, to guarantee our high quality service.

·   Ø  Why choose Bellen?                                                 

§  10,000+ molecules and all self-produced

§  50%+ in stock for fast delivery

§  80% + with a robust scale-up route

§  2,000 new molecules created per year 

§  Certified QC system ensured high quality and CoA prepared by immediate tests (NMR, LC/MS, HPLC, qNMR) before shipping

§  Expert in heterocycles

Request Catalog


What is Request Catalog? It is a new and exciting service to provide extended compound supply by custom synthesis if…

·       you can’t find the compound you need from our current list?

·       you have a back order and your current supplier has let you down, or is a re-seller and can’t provide a guaranteed timeline and / or provide the quality you demand?

·       or if you want a new analog?


Using this model, we not only supply you with the material you desire, but also provide a host of additional  added value data too, e.g.:

·       HPLC purity method details (column type, measurement wavelengths, mobile phase, gradient)

·       Synthesis route

·       Impurity information

·       Request Catalog can be an opportunity to re-choose a molecule BEST FIT to the downstream synthesis and make overall synthesis route shorter, faster and cheaper

·       Request Catalog also covers the potential demand of compounds at semi to bulk scale (ca. 100g to kg)


All you need is to send your requests (structure, quantity, purity and other requirements). => We will provide you the quotes shortly and a meeting can also be arranged for you to discuss about the ideas.


Custom Synthesis

Bellen has very strong technical teams capable of tackling complicated synthetic targets for its customers. The synthesis teams handle hundreds of different custom synthesis projects each year and have become more and more confident in their ability due to the varied experiences and continuous successes they have found in this challenging area. To complement our strength in heterocycles, tackling challenging chemistry is now an additional strength of Bellen.


For all the requests for custom synthesis, the confidentiality is assured. If you would prefer a confidentiality agreement, it can be arranged upon request. Whatever specific challenges you have, our quick response to the situation will provide solutions shortly. You won’t be waiting long. 


Process R&D and Manufacturing


·       Bellen understands providing high quality manufacturing is crucial when projects move into clinical phases, therefore we have invested heavily into our process development and manufacturing divisions. 

·       From process R&D to scale-up manufacturing, our technical teams and group leaders have a wealth of experience gained when working previously within big pharma companies earlier in their careers. 

·       Bellen can now fully support all the requirements of synthesis route design and scouting, process development, analytical development, quality control, scale up manufacturing, regulation control and all professional documentation required. 

·       This whole skill set, together with our world class process R&D center and pilot plant production facility provides us with the capability and capacity to deliver large batches of advanced intermediates for projects from preclinical to Ph2b. 

·       In addition, we are able to implement many advanced features into our process development according to our client’s individual needs, e.g. tackle special chemistry challenges by utilizing flow chemistry, biocatalysis and photochemistry, process safety assessment, mutagenic control compatible, and QRA approach. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.